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Is a Sperm Donor a Parent According to the Family Court?

The important question about sperm donorship and who is a parent has been addressed by the High Court recently when it handed down one of the most eagerly awaited decisions in family law. The Court was faced with a question of whether the biological mother and her wife were considered to be the legal parents… Read More

Am I Allowed to Move Away?

A common question we receive from our clients, especially in cases involving domestic and family violence, is “Am I allowed to move?” This is a very tricky question to answer. We need to consider that the Court is concerned with what is in the best interests of the child and when making a decision about… Read More

What is a Family Report?

Where there parenting matters that are in dispute and there are proceedings before the Court, a Court can issue an Order obligating the parties and the children to attend an appointment held by a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker for the purpose of obtaining a family report.   The reason a family report is prepared… Read More