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In a long overdue announcement, the Federal Government has introduced new proposed laws to protect victims of family violence from being directly questioned by their alleged perpetrator. There has been ongoing criticism of the Family Court system as the current law allows an alleged perpetrator who is representing themselves to directly cross-examine their ex-partner or… Read More

What’s Involved in a Property Settlement?

A Family Law property settlement should be fair to both parties and recognise the contributions made by each party, and also each party’s future needs. The Family Law Courts adopt a four-step approach to determining an appropriate property settlement. These four steps are: Identifying the assets and liabilities of the relationship. Assessing the contributions by… Read More

Have You Disclosed Everything?

Following the breakdown of a relationship, there is often a lot of mistrust between parties and this is particularly relevant where one party thinks that the other party is trying to hide some of their assets. In a family law property settlement, the most important legal requirement is for each person to provide “full and… Read More

Who Keeps The Ring?

For a long time, there has been a fairly standard rule in Australia that an engagement ring is considered a “conditional gift”, meaning that the man gave the woman a ring upon the condition that they become husband and wife. This meant that if the engagement was called off by the woman then the woman… Read More

Family Court Is Going Green!

Recent developments in the Court system seem to indicate that the Family Law Courts are finally embracing technology and the use of the internet. In 2016 the Courts changed the way to apply for a Divorce. An Application for Divorce must now be completed and filed online. This requires a party applying for a Divorce,… Read More