Child Support

If your child or children spend most of their time with you, you are likely to be entitled to child support payments. The amount of child support payable varies according to your specific parenting matters and is decided upon and monitored by the Child Support Agency.

The amount of child support is worked out based on things such as the income of both parties, the cost of the care of the children and the percentage of time the child spends with you.

How can I work out what child support I am entitled to?

There is an online child support calculator provided by the Child Support Agency which can help you estimate both your child support and family assistance payments . This is an estimate only though, as the calculation is quite complex and tailored to your situation.

You might also benefit from reading the Parent’s Guide to Child Support.

Can I overturn a decision of the Child Support Agency if it’s not fair?

Yes, you may be able to. You have the right to object to the decision within 28 days of the decision being made and then an internal review of the decision will take place within 60 days of the objection being filed.

You can also continue to appeal if the original decision was upheld by applying for a review through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or pursuing the matter through the Courts.

What if my partner doesn’t pay?

The Child Support Agency has the power to investigate and enforce payment of child support obligations, which includes the power to collect the payment from employers, the tax office and social security. It also has the power to stop people from leaving the country while there are outstanding payments.

We can help!

Child support issues can be sensitive and difficult to work through, but we can help you find your way through the process and the legislation.

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