Separation and Divorce eBook


The end of a relationship is tough, whether the break up occurs after a history of issues or is totally unexpected. Separating from somebody with whom you have shared a part of your life can be emotionally draining and the uncertainty of what lies ahead makes us vulnerable and anxious. Although many personal questions may remain unanswered for months to come, understanding your legal rights and the likely processes to follow can help you to move forward after a relationship breaks down.

Whether you are married or have been in a de facto relationship, an experienced family lawyer is invaluable in guiding you through the separation process,
resolving children’s issues and property matters and encouraging you and your ex partner to negotiate a workable outcome.

By downloading this guide, you will learn:

  • What to do when you first separate
  • Practical steps after separation including
    • Personal safety
    • Obtaining legal advice
    • Making arrangements
    • Arranging to see a lawyer
    • Making a list
    • Starting a journal
  • When you can get a divorce
  • What are your rights when you and your partner never married
  • How will property be divided
  • Where to from here – moving on and moving forward