Going to Court

That First Anxious Day

Going to Court is an intimidating and anxious experience.

We will always contact you prior to any Court engagement and advise you of the following:

  • The address of the Court
  • Where to park
  • What to wear
  • Whom to bring to the Court appearance with you

What should I wear to Court?

There are no rules about what to wear in Court. However, the Court is a formal place and you should dress accordingly.

Children and Court

Do not bring your children to Court unless you have a previous appointment to meet a Court Counsellor for a Family Report to be prepared. The Family Court has very limited child-minding facilities and if you require the use of those facilities, you should make enquiries directly with the Court well in advance of your attendance.

At Court

Unless we have made other arrangements with you, it’s advisable to arrive at least 15 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time to find the courtroom. If you have any problems finding the right courtroom, ask court staff.

Once you have arrived at Court you will be ushered through a security check system which involves a walk-through metal scanner and X-ray machine. If you have any concerns for your security, please advise us well before the attendance date and we will make the appropriate arrangements with the Court staff to ensure your safety.

Once you arrive at Court and you have been cleared by Security, you will pass through a foyer which lists all the matters to be heard on that day. Make a note of the Court Room and make your way to the Court Room in order to meet your Solicitor.

Recording devices are not permitted in courtrooms without permission of the judicial officer.

Before entering the courtroom, you should turn off electronic equipment, including mobile phones, and remove hats or sunglasses, unless for medical or religious reasons.

Do not bring any food or drink into the courtroom.

Support Person

You can bring a family member or friend (who is over the age of 18) to sit with you and provide support. Unless approved by the judicial officer, your support person cannot sit with you at the bar table and cannot speak on your behalf.

There is often a long wait on Court days as the Judges are very busy and sometimes urgent matters take priority. The same courtesy will be extended to you if you have a matter than needs to be heard urgently. You should always be prepared to spend most of the day at Court however, we will be with you throughout the day to provide you with ongoing support and answer any questions you may have.

To find out more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact Kathy Matri on 02 4322 0251 or email us at [email protected]