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coercive control

The warning signs of Coercive Control

Coercive control is a lesser known but dangerous form of domestic violence. Coercive control involves a pattern of behaviours employed by the perpetrator that are controlling, humiliating and threatening, with the intention to intimidate, frighten and punish the victim. Typically, the purpose and result of coercive control is that the victim feels wholly dependent on… Read More

Protecting business interests in family law proceedings

Family law issues can be disruptive to a business entity, with the potential to adversely affect its activities, cashflow, and financial viability. Problems can stem from a relationship breakdown between domestic co-owners, or the divorce or separation of a third-party business partner or shareholder. Protecting a business from potential loss and disruption in the wake… Read More

Mediation & Arbitration – the future of Family Law?

If you know someone who has had their family law matter settled through the courts system then you will undoubtedly have heard that the process can be costly, long and the wait times frustrating. The reasons for these difficulties are twofold. Firstly, the Family Courts in Australia are underfunded, with not enough judges or resources… Read More

What happens when your ex-partner squanders your assets?

Unfortunately, many separations end in disputes over money. A common situation that arises when trying to resolve family law property matters is when one partner makes a considerable dent in the family finances by squandering assets or racking up additional debt, particularly in the post-separation period. A bitter ex-partner may go on a spending spree,… Read More

Was it a loan or a gift? Big difference!

Housing affordability is a big issue for young Australians. For those lucky enough to have parents able to help them into the property market, careful thought should be given to how that money will be treated if the recipient separates from his or her spouse or de facto partner. In a family law property matter,… Read More