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How Can I Change my Parenting Orders?

We all know that our lives and circumstances can change. It is common for our firm to be asked about changing Final Court Orders when there has been a change in our client’s lives or circumstances. Unfortunately, however, it is not always a straight forward exercise. When a Family Law Court makes Final Orders in… Read More

The Consequences of not Complying with Family Law Orders

When a Court makes orders for a parenting matter, they are binding on all parties and each party must comply with the orders. If someone does not comply with an order, they are considered to be in breach of a Court order and there are serious consequences, unless that person has a reasonable excuse to… Read More

Joint Tenants vs. Tenants in Common – What does it mean for you?

It is a significant life decision when a couple decides to purchase a property together and as part of that process you and your partner will need to decide what type of ownership you want to have over the property. The two most common types of property ownership are joint tenancy and tenancy in common…. Read More

I Have Been Ordered to Attend a Child Dispute Conference … What is it?

In most family law matters that involve parties seeking orders in relation to children, the Court will order both parties attend a Child Dispute Conference to assist the Court with obtaining an initial view and understanding of the matter. A Child Dispute Conference involves both parties meeting with a Family Consultant at the Court. A… Read More

What is Parental Responsibility and who has it?

If a child is less than 18 years of age then each parent has parental responsibility for that child. This is the case before a Court makes Orders regarding this issue. Once a court Order is made it might be the case that the parents share the responsibility equally or one parent is allocated that… Read More