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What is Parental Responsibility and who has it?

If a child is less than 18 years of age then each parent has parental responsibility for that child. This is the case before a Court makes Orders regarding this issue. Once a court Order is made it might be the case that the parents share the responsibility equally or one parent is allocated that… Read More

New Court Scheme to Protect Victims of Family Violence

In a positive step towards protecting victims of family violence, a perpetrator of family violence is now not allowed to personally cross-examine a victim of family violence in the Family Court. Cross-examination is a process that takes place during a hearing in the Family Court where one party asks questions of the other party in… Read More

What a Will Kit doesn’t do

There are various ‘Will Kits’ available on-line – most are cheap or ‘free’ and all you need to do is download them and fill in the blanks. Many websites boast that you can prepare your Will ‘without spending hundreds of dollars on legal fees’. Simple, right? Not really. Generating an on-line Will may seem easy,… Read More

How to deal with an unfair Will

In this article we talk about dealing with an unfair Will. We are not considering the validity of a Will or being left out of a Will entirely – rather that the distributions made to one or more beneficiaries might be considered to be unreasonable in the circumstances. There are many reasons why a Will… Read More

Dying intestate – the perils of not making a Will

A valid Will determines how your estate is dealt with after you die. Your Will can appoint an appropriate family member or trusted friend to administer your estate (your executor), nominate guardians for young children, determine who will receive your assets and give direction for specific funeral and burial arrangements. Without a Will, the finalisation… Read More